7 Protocols of Forgiveness

1. Thank God for forgiving you.

2. Ask God, “Who do I need to forgive and for what?

3. Repent of your sin of I forgiveness.

4. Forgive each offense from your heart.

  • “Lord, I choose to forgive __________ from my heart for _________ .”
  • “Lord, is there anything else I need to forgive __________ for?”
  • “I declare _________ is no longer in my debt. I transfer their debt to the cross.”

5. Ask God to bless them and look for ways to bless them when possible.

6. Commit to “not remember” the offense. When memory comes ….

  • Say, “I specifically remember forgiving that.”
  • Praise God for the freedom forgiveness brought you.
  • Bless the person you forgave again.
  • Pray for reconciliation.

7. Make pre-forgiveness a lifestyle.


Resourced from Regenerating Life